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Information We Offer

OnlineMedicalAssistantPrograms.net (OMAP for short), is not just another career help website, with the same rehashed information available anywhere. Our mission is to provide you with the latest information related to medical assisting, so that you can make an informed decision on whether medical assisting is right for you.

Whether you’re a high school student, college graduate, or stay at home mom – we provide information that is relevant to you and your situation. We are aware of the growing health care demands and job trends that relate to the field of medical assisting, and can help you decide whether medical assisting is right for you.

Our site is purely informational and for your benefit. Not only do we offer a comprehensive list of schools that can be attended online, we also have a state specific database of campus-based schools that you can attend. We try to update the list as much as possible. However, if you don’t see your state or school listed, please be patient, or contact us for an expedited response.